About Us

Established in 2001 as Technokids Trading L.L.C., The Knowledge Hub was born out of the undying need to provide high quality education to students to cope up with the ever growing demands for advanced learning and development. Through the altruistic initiative and guidance of Sheikha Lamia Faisal Al Qassimi, invigorated by her aspiration to provide quality education through IT solutions, The Knowledge Hub came into being. The relentless support that The Knowledge Hub has been providing to teachers and students since the beginning stirred the organization to take a giant leap of expanding to other Emirates and eventually throughout the Middle East region.


Committed to academic excellence and service, The Knowledge Hub will continuously provide the means to integrate technology in every class for optimum utilization of resources of students and teachers. Support in all aspects shall be rendered to schools to have technology enabled classrooms for better learning and understanding. We will guarantee that intelligent IT solutions are rightly used in the classroom for the fullest benefit of the students. The Knowledge Hub will empower students and teachers through Technology Integration.


The Knowledge Hub, paving its way for technological advancements in education and making every classroom in the region technologically integrated enables the students to prepare for the 21st century.


Empowerment through Technology Integration

Message from the Managing Director

A foremost writer once said that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. Truly, the purpose of education is not just limited to gaining knowledge per se. It is never enough to fill a child’s mind with information, but to also provide learning approaches that will nurture their creativity, build their self-worth, and expand their over-all perspective of the world.

Thankfully, this is now within our grasp through the help of technology. Without doubt, technology is a mighty force that elicits massive transformation in the education sector. However, it is not enough to simply have the technology in our hands. It is more imperative to identify the right tools and resources that will address specific needs of every school and be able to utilize it in such a way that will be adequate and suitable to the different learning requirements of every child. Correspondingly, it is indispensable to have technology that is sustainable, making sure that technological advancements used in every classroom are effectively utilized, correctly implemented and strongly supported. With that, we are certain that learning will not be futile, but instead, will be meaningful.

Steered by these principles, The Knowledge Hub has been incessantly providing appropriate and better educational innovations to K-12 schools and universities, not as fruitless embellishments to learning institutions, but as valuable solutions to their ever growing needs.

They say knowledge is power, but we say, knowledge combined with the right technology is supreme. With this philosophy, we are certain that The Knowledge Hub is bound to not just fill the pail, but to light up the fire.

Surekha Kembhavi

Managing Director